We design formulas that open a door of connection with you, through your senses.

The New Sanctuaries, was born under the concept of unicity.
We rescue ancestral knowledge that originated in different places or times, and that complement each other so that today you transform your routines into conscious moments.
The importance of Unicity.
The more fragmented the reality is, the less we understand the unicity of things. There is no alternative therapy as such, there are mechanisms or systems that were used in different cultures that found the best way to relate to the environment through the awareness of "I am this, and this complements me”.
Time for Sanctuaries
A sanctuary is the exact point where you can resonate with you and from you.
For us, you are a sanctuary, the moment you realize that you are.

That place where everything is simply in its place and that allows you to surrender without suspicion, to free yourself. There you are, in the truest sense of the word; nothing to hide, no one to compete with, no expectations to meet or generate, simply be and, in doing so, surrender to a fullness that is always there, ready to embrace you.

Our Pillars

My vocation with the world of beauty and well-being has been the start of this journey
Alchemist, Pharmacist, Designer and Marketer. I am passionate about ancestral knowledge and the healing power that lives in each one of us. Through my studies, I learned about chemistry, formulations and ingredients. Because of my upbringing and quality time around bath time shared with my mother as a young child, I began to specialize in self-care rituals, botanics, aromas, and massage techniques. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to the innovation of beauty and personal care products for different countries and cultures.
The New Sanctuaries has been a path for more than 20 years. Testing, studying, working and experiencing different routes around beauty, spirituality, health, personal care and rituals connected with nature, plants, water, sun, moon, venus and other gods...
TNS meets the current need for transparency, clean cosmetics, sustainability and connection with a more spiritual and magical world.
You are a sanctuary, the moment you realize that you are.
Welcome to your Sanctuary.
Tatiana Torrealba
Creator & Co-Founder